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See a Dermatologist for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus often causes the top of the nail to discolor. It usually causes the top of the nail to turn brown or yellow. The small spot grows deeper and larger in size if it is not treated. The discoloration and fungus may cause the nails to harden and crumble along the edges.  When it occurs on the toes, it is known as athlete’s foot. For most people, more than one nail is affected by fungus. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment at the dermatologist if you have or suspect that you have a nail fungus.

What is Nail Fungus?

Some people find that nail fungus is merely a nuisance while it causes pain and other trouble for some people. In either case, you want to get it cleared up as fast as possible before it has time to get any worse. It’s usually a combination of self-care and doctor treatment that provides the best results against a nail fungus.  Try an over-the-counter nail fungus treatment before heading to the doctor. This helps about 50% of every nail fungus sufferer.

Signs of Nail Fungus

Most common signs of nail fungus include:

·    White or yellowish-brown nail discoloration

·    Brittle, crumbly nails

·    Thick, hardened nails

·    Change in nail shape

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·    Dark color on the nail, which is often caused by debris building under the fingernail

·    Foul smell coming from the nails

These signs are among the most common signs of nail fungus. You may have one or more of these symptoms if nail fungus affects you.

Last Word

It takes the help of a great dermatology collierville tn professional to help clear nail fungus. The sooner that you seek treatment, the sooner you can put nail fungus behind you. But, do not expect it to clear on its own. It is important to get doctor interventional help as soon as possible to treat nail fungus.